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If you are lacking in fitness and need to get ready for the Surf or Ski Seasons, I can help. Whether it be improving balance, speed, technique, strength, flexibility or stamina, I will draw up a program specific to your needs to improve on those areas

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Shapewell now sponsors Welsh Competition Surfers Emily Williams and Logan Nicol (see above pics)


I am now offering Online Surf Fitness at a monthly cost of just £30.  You will be added to a private Facebook Group where you will receive total online help with Surf Fitness and you will see regular videos of bespoke exercises you can do at home, on the beach or in the gym to improve on your weaknesses

I am available on private messenger to give you bespoke programs at a small extra cost should you have an underlying injury or condition that needs addressing rather than just follow the videos

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Other Sports which I have participated in over the years and have a great knowledge of the biomechanics of each are:


ICE SKATING – Between the ages of 14-22 I represented Cardiff in various competitions and took part in shows

SURFING – I have surfed for many years, recreationally not competitively, I still surf and will continue to surf all my life

SNOW BOARDING – I have boarded over the years for fun and still do when i get the chance

BODY BUILDING – WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE – I competed in 2004/05 and got to an amazing shape.  This helped give me more insight and understanding to help my clients strip their body fat and gain a beautiful shape

SPRINT TRIATHLON – My love of Mountain Biking was the thing that got me into trying a SPRINT TRIATHLON.  Swim, Run, Mountain Bike… I did this in the mountains of the Llynfi Valley just up from Maesteg Nr Bridgend.  This was very challenging


My experience and qualifications over the years has helped me understand the biomechanics of many sports.  Even if it is a sport I have not participated in, I can still work out the way in which certain muscles have to work to perform that sport.  I can then put together fitness routines to improve my clients’ technique, balance, speed, agility, strength, power, core and general overall fitness ability




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