I was having trouble with my fitness for Surfing so I contacted Cath. She showed me lots of exercises to build my strength including yoga, also some flexibility work along with a routine to build my fitness. I now feel faster and stronger whilst paddling and am popping up no problem on my board. We also trained on the beach which I really enjoyed and I am now going to make this part of my routine when I go for a surf. I shall also be attending Cath’s Surf Bootcamp every week…..


Port Talbot, 2011

3 years ago I realised I needed to lose weight and make a lifestyle change, with Cath’s fantastic support I’ve achieved more than I ever thought I could. Cath has been there every step of the way to help me achieve and exceed my goal, her drive and enthusiasm is infectious. I’ve gone from someone who looked for excuses not to exercise to someone who can’t wait for Cath’s Bootcamp and Personal Training sessions….


Cardiff, 2012

I train with Cath 4 times a week. It is well worth the money as I get the results I want rather than pay a gym membership and not reach my goals. Cath is absolutely fantastic and pushes me harder than I would push myself. I have lost 10% body fat in 4 months and can feel myself getting stronger and fitter each week. I recommend Cath wholeheartedly, I am really pleased with my results and shall continue to train with Cath on a weekly basis….


Cardiff, 2013

I started training with Cath in September 2013, I was overweight, unfit and totally unmotivated. Cath has inspired me over the last 9 months to train hard, lose 10kg of my 14kg goal and has improved my fitness and my shape. I am really happy and will continue training with Shapewell even when I reach my goal weight of 50kg. My shape has changed, I am more confident and I have learnt a lot about Nutrition. I have had a total lifestyle change and I owe it all to Cath… a 2015 recap I am now down to my wanted weight of 50kg for the first time in 20 years and am feeling amazing


Cardiff, 2013/15

After 20 years of inactivity, following a serious knee injury ending my rugby career, I have finally found my motivation to exercise. I had a knee replacement 2.5 years ago and used it as an excuse not to exercise. Having committed myself to a charity 100 mile bike ride since training with Cath, I am so glad I gave her that call. I lacked self discipline to train on my own so needed help, Cath has been amazing. Not only is she highly motivational, her knowledge of the body is excellent, I highly recommend her. We worked out small goals at first which were achievable, now I am doing something active every day and am well on course to achieving my goal, thanks Cath


Cardiff, March 2015

I stopped weighing when I hit 10.5 stone. My weight was increasing so quickly that I needed to upsize quite rapidly. By January 2014, just about squeezing into a size 12, and having chest pains, I had visited a cardiologist. Following some tests, I was informed my heart recovery rate was fantastic, I just needed to exercise. A change in diet followed and last August I started to see Cath. I am now fitter than I have ever been and back to a size 10 and under 9.5 stone. My middle aged spread is decreasing and I am happier than I have been in a long time. Thank you Cath I could not have achieved this without you, I have found my sessions enjoyable and motivational


Cardiff, March 2015

Before joining Shapewell Fitness I was heading into a size 16.  I was very unfit, untoned and i would struggle walking up two flights of stairs.  After being unwell and receiving an operation in March 2017, I also gained more weight due to limited movement.  Reality hit me when I was told by my GP that it was time to lose some weight.  I joined Shapewell in late July 2017 and have dropped down to a size 12 in just 3.5 months.  I am much more confident, happier and I now have the knowledge of what to eat and what to avoid through Shapewell’s Healthy Eating Plan.  I have also learned how to use weights and how to train correctly.  I also have a Fitness Plan to train by myself in between my Personal Training Sessions.

Carys Price

Cardiff, November 2017

Ive always struggled to keep to a regular exercise routine and have never felt comfortable with the often impersonal touch of larger gyms.  Working with Cath is completely different.  Im so much stronger, fitter and more confident than before.  Chronic posture related problems are getting fixed and each week I push myself further and further.  Her understanding of the mechanics of the body means she can tailor any workout to your specific needs and work around (or through) any existing problems.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!!

Deilwen Jarrett

Cardiff, December 2017

Cath knows all about training and nutrition.  She’s patient and helps get you in the best shape.  Injuries are also helped by careful training.  I love working out with her and have done so for many years now.

Rekha Puri

Cardiff, December 2017

Fantastic Deep Tissue Massage (a total life saver) and great advice.  Cath also helped me to kick start the post baby weight loss !!

Sarah Myzen

Cardiff, December 2017

Amazing all round fitness, strength training and lifestyle advice with a tailor made programme.  Cath is able to fit me in around my office job at times that best suit me.  Rather than just cardio on a treadmill which was my go-to, now I’m using weights and varied equipment and machines and building core strength and fitness.  I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Lorna Murphy

Cardiff, December 2017

First Class !! Ive been going to Shapewell most months for the last couple of years.  Cath gives a first class deep tissue Sports Massage and really eats into my tension knots.  The relief lasts long after the treatment.

Paul Harrison

Cardiff, December 2017

Cath has an incredible knowledge base and her experience has allowed me to train safely and learn how best to reach my fitness goals.  I have trained on my own for many years but never realised how beneficial Personal Training could be until a friend recommended Cath.  Couldn’t recommend her more, regardless of your fitness needs or goals !

Aly Virani

Cardiff, December 2017

Cath is a fantastic trainer, is knowledgable and very professional.  She makes the Personal Training sessions fun while making sure you’re working your body to its full potential and her group classes are excellent.

Catryn Jenkins

Cardiff, December 2017

Cath has a great was of showing you the exercises you ‘think you know’, just the correct posture and methodology so you don’t injure yourself.  I would recommend one to one Personal Training sessions for the majority of sports associated objectives.  For me it was about focussing on Surfing and the plan designed by Cath certainly focussed me.  The right equipment for the new age of training styles.

Peter James

Cardiff, December 2017

Im so lucky to have found Cath, Personal Trainer.  She is an experienced Trainer with the right manner giving tailored instruction.  Her input for me has been so important in my life, she has encouraged and motivated me over the last year to return to and enjoy exercise on a daily basis.  I had lacked completely for two years. Its definitely worth visiting her Private Gym and individual instruction.  Also her Sport Massage and dietary advice is superb and an added bonus.  Cath motivated me to change my lifestyle and feel better.

Patrice Cozens

Cardiff, December 2017

I came to Cath initially as i was suffering from lower back pain but also to better my general fitness.  A few weeks in and the back pain had already gone and Cath had come up with a great programme that I could also do at home.  I’d highly recommend Cath to anyone and she’s great at always making you feel positive about exercising.  The gym is a fab space to work out and its great to get that Personal touch to make sure you’re getting the most out of your training.

Eleri Wynne

Cardiff, December 2017

Cath is an amazing Personal Trainer.  I came to her with a whole host of health issues that prohibits my movement but Cath took the time and patience to work with me and come up with things that did work for me.  I was definitely a work in progress and we worked together to come up with alternatives for me and my body to cope with.  I cannot recommend her enough.  When I was looking for a PT I particularly wanted to work with a woman because of women only issues and I was never embarrassed or made to feel inferior by Cath as I have elsewhere.

Nicola Spear

Cardiff, December 2017

Cath is great motivation.  After injury I had lost my confidence and mojo when it came to working out, but soon enough Cath had me back enjoying my workouts.  Other people have told me how they have noticed my posture improve dramatically and I am feeling so much fitter.  I would highly recommend Cath.

Mel Owen

Cardiff, December 2017

I have seen Cath for a Sports Massage and found immediate relief after just one session.  My dad had been suffering for months with muscle soreness in the upper back and neck after working out.  After just two sessions he was pretty much pain free.  We both value Cath’s knowledge and brilliant expert advice and would highly recommend her.

Paige Threadgold

Cardiff, December 2017

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