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Please meet Shapewell’s Nutritionist and Chef Clare Stock, Founder of Grande Vie

Shapewell has teamed up with Grande Vie to bring you bespoke, healthy nutrition in Cardiff, Penarth and surrounding areas.  Clare is a Chef with a background of Nutrition and providing food to the highest standard with 15 years experience in her field

Below is a short write up of Clare’s Biography & Course Prices

Clare’s Beliefs


I believe a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle can be achieved and it starts with YOU! After all, you’re the one who ‘wears the trousers’ and if you’re committed it will work! Grande Vie is not just another diet. My aim is to implement simple and manageable changes in your everyday life that will achieve the results we are all looking for, a complete ‘lifestyle overhaul’, which will set you firmly in the right direction

The Process


Everyone is different, which is why my method of working is completely bespoke. It takes into account every aspect of your life, your likes and dislikes, current state of health and of course those ever elusive goals. So to aid you in your journey I offer continuous support throughout the course you have chosen, you may not even need as much help, but it’s always good to know there’s someone there to lend a hand if you need it !

Some other tips….

To lose weight, lean up and get the body you desire, it all starts in the kitchen

Getting your training right is key, but if your diet is high in bad fats, carbohydrate and bad sugars, you are not going to achieve your goal, you may get stronger & fitter but you are not going to change your shape and get the look you desire, not to mention being ‘healthy’


Eating some vegetables raw such as beetroot, spinach, broccoli, carrots to name but a few, or juicing them for easier consumption will boost your overall general health and are also great preventatives for many illnesses. We all know prevention is better than cure right?

Buy yourself a juicer and a juicing recipe book and you’ll be well on your way to improving your overall health and wellbeing, and also boosting your energy levels

Optimum Nutrition is KEY to achieving your goals whatever they may be

Nutrition Courses & Prices


Initial Consultation / Online Dietary Analysis


£20 for Shapewell Clients

Kitchen Cleanse & Shopping Trip

£50 Half Day Consult

Basic Course plus 4 Follow Up Consults


(includes email/phone support throughout the term. Detailed personal bios & nutritional dietary folder included plus recipes to follow)

Advanced Course Including Kitchen Skills Advice & In Home Tutorage (6 weeks) plus 4 follow up Consults


(includes 2x kitchen skills half day sessions). Additional kitchen skills sessions £40 for 2 hour demonstrations. Email/phone support throughout the term & bio/dietary folders plus recipes included

Event Me – Wedding/party/holiday Course & Follow Up


(includes bio/dietary folders, email/phone support) Additional visits £40 if required

Pregnancy Course, how to eat with a bun in the oven


3-9 month course with optional post-natal dietary advice for mum and flying start for the baby

Post Natal and Flying Start


combined package, 3 month course

Personal Chef/Bespoke Catering & In Home Preparation

£30 per hour

If you really cannot find the time to plan your weekly meals, don’t despair, Grande Vie can help you.

With your menu to hand, simply select which meals you fancy for the week ahead and I will personally prepare and cook everything you need.

This can be done in your own home or at Grand Vie’s Kitchen, the choice is yours to suit your convenience.

Based on 5 lunch and dinner options selected per session or as required.


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