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Shapewell Fitness Personal Trainers in Cardiff move to second Gym in Penarth

Shapewell Fitness is a Personal Training Company that has 16 years in the Fitness Industry, providing one of the best and most experienced Personal Training in Cardiff and Penarth. Shapewell was established in January 2002. I added Sports Massage Therapy to the business in 2005, giving me 13 years massage experience to date.

My Private Personal Training Gym on Thornbury Close, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, CF14 1UT has been running since Feb 2014. This gym has everything you need from the latest cardio machines, to boxing, to weight lifting, to functional training, it may be small, but its awesome. It also boasts a large outdoor space to do all your functional training and tyre flipping, check out my website to see the photos on the Gym page.

Whilst I am now currently looking to expand Shapewell’s Rhiwbina Gym to a bigger, better unit, I am now using another Gym to build up my clientele and offer Personal Training in Penarth and the Vale of Glamorgan.

The Gym is The Hangar Human Performance Centre on Penarth Road, Nr Penarth, Cardiff, CF11 8TW. This is a great gym that is based on Human Movement and Performance. There is a full size MMA Cage/Boxing Ring upstairs aswell as many punch bags, also mits and pads. The floor is fully matted with judo mats and many classes are held upstairs in this area. Downstairs boasts a beast of a functional rig with trx hung from it aswell as many functional pieces of equipment, a full lifting area with lifting decks, free weights and bars, plenty of cable machines, rowers, bikes and a beast of a 45 degree leg press, all in all this is a great gym.

I shall be starting my fitness classes again this August in Cardiff and Penarth, so please keep an eye on my website for days, times and venue. Some classes shall be at my Private Gym in Cardiff and some at The Hangar in Penarth. Classes shall include: 30 min HIIT, 40+ Women Weight Lifting, Strong Man Bootcamp, Ladies Only Bootcamp, SurfFit and Old Skool Circuits (this is probably my favourite just like i used to do it at Penarth Leisure Centre many moons ago).

The classes shall be designed for any level of fitness. If you are at beginner entry level I shall give easy alternatives to the many exercises to be performed, so you can start easy, keep injury free and work your way up to peak fitness with these classes, everyone will be at different levels of fitness and in the same boat as you so don’t have the fear of failure in my classes…. nobody fails!! everybody progresses each week.

I offer a FREE consultation at either my Cardiff Gym or Penarth Gym so you can come and see the facility, have a chat with myself, get your confidence before you start, then we can get you booked in for a trial class or a Personal Training session to get you going in the right direction for you. Remember…. everything about the training you pursue should be enjoyable and all about YOU… you need to make sure you are enjoying what you are doing in any fitness plan to ensure you stick to it and fulfil your goals, I will help you find your mojo in fitness and keep it going so you reach your goals effectively and safely.

My qualifications and experience can be found on the ‘About’ page of my website, there is also a write up about me on the Hangar website

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Sports Massage Cardiff

Shapewell Fitness offers one of the best Sports Massage Clinics in Cardiff. I qualified from a 2 year course at UWIC, Cyncoed Campus, Cardiff back in 2005, giving me 13 years massage practice to date. I started using massage straight away as part of my Personal Training business which was established in 2002, So the years that I have massaged for have been constant without any rest periods. I have learnt a lot from Physiotherapists who I have worked alongside over the years. For a period of time I worked at The DTR Clinic on Crwys Road, Cardiff which is Steve Cannon’s practice. Steve has worked with a lot of rugby players and other athletes over the years and has a good reputation so it was a pleasure to do a few months work at his practice for the experience.

I have 30 years experience in the Fitness Industry, and have given Deep Tissue Sports Massage in Cardiff for the past 13 years.  I have extensive knowledge in Sports Injuries and posture problems as well as just tight aching muscles. I have worked with many athletes where Sports Massage has extensively improved their performance in their sport.

More often than not people mistake tight muscles and tendons for a knee, back, shoulder or neck problem.  Muscles are connected to the bone structure and joints via tendons and when these tendons get tight or tendonitis develops, this can pull vertebrae out of alignment and can cause pulling in or around the joints. This is usually what the problem is and I will put it right.  I also give exercises to make sure this does not keep happening. If I establish this is not the case and an injury has occurred, I will still try to solve this. If I cannot solve this type of injury I shall then refer you to my Physiotherapist Dave Lee for further assessment.

I offer Sports Massage Therapy at my Private Gym in Rhiwbina, Cardiff or at The Hangar Human Performance Centre on Penarth Road Nr Penarth. Directions for both can be seen on my ‘About’ page. My Gym in Rhiwbina is a Private One to One Gym where massage takes place, I am also available for massage at The Hangar Human Performance Centre nr Penarth, the good thing about this plus me being a Personal Trainer is that once your massage is finished I can then show you some exercises in the Gym that you can do to help prevent your problem recurring. I specialise in preventative therapy, keeping the problem at bay rather than having you back time after time. Working together on a program to keep the problem away plus curing it until the program takes over and you should no longer need so many massage treatments as a cure. I will also go through correct lifting techniques to do with a certain job you may have that requires lifting such as a Nurse, Builder etc, as you may be causing your problem due to this, so I will go through your history to find out what could be causing the issue. Your job could be causing bad posture due to wrong seating position at your desk whilst on computer, I will go through the correct position for working at a desk and if your job is driving, then I shall go through the correct position to have your seat, the correct height for your steering wheel and also the importance of a lumbar back support.

Give me a call should you have muscle problems, a nagging old injury or poor posture, together we will get you back to peak fitness.

It’s Not Rocket Science


Are you a yo-yo dieter? Do you find it hard to motivate yourself?

It is common knowledge that if you eat less calories and burn more calories through exercise or simply MOVING you will lose body fat.  So why then do people struggle?

Weight Watchers, Slimming World and whatever else there is out there, it works for some to get you started, but it’s hardly ever sustainable.  You probably find yourself getting weighed after a week of eating as they tell you and then you step on the scales the following week and have not lost, even maybe gained a pound or two?

This is because your Body Fat is not measured.  Your weight is made up of fat, muscle mass, water, bone structure, organs, and if you train you will naturally build muscle and shred fat (quicker if your diet is clean).  Muscle weighs heavier than fat on scales, therefore you may have put weight on but seem smaller in dress size? Then this is why

If you do not train then you could be losing body fat through diet but are simply holding water that week and not have lost any weight, but you have lost body fat

ALWAYS go by your clothes size and you can’t go wrong.  Eat clean and move more and the results you want will happen

Contact me for more information on getting your calories down and doing the right exercise for you, whether youre just starting out or you have been training and getting nowhere fast – I want to HELP 🙂

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