Sports Massage

Shapewell Offers Sports Massage in Cardiff and Penarth

Sports Massage Helps:

Stiff, achy muscles, injury rehabilitation, flexibility, removal of toxins, pre and post event loosen up, bad backs, posture problems and correction

£25 for 30 mins or £40 per hour

More often than not a bad back can be caused by bad posture or training without due care and attention to flexibility and core strength. I firstly look at any tightness or injury, get to the possible cause of the problem, treat it, then give advice on what to do to prevent this from happening again. I dont just give you a massage, I limit the chances of you having future problems

If I think you need it, I will give you advice on any muscle tone I can see that needs attention: ie… whether you need to build up certain muscles which may be causing other areas to overwork therefore being the cause of your problems.  With my 13 years of experience in Massage I can see and feel muscle weakness.  I am also a Personal Trainer so I can offer Fitness Programs designed to aid your problems and sort this out quickly and effectively.

Having a Massage with Shapewell means you get MORE than a Massage, you get professional advice on the other areas that affect your current state.

Every single client I have had has benefited from Sports Massage.  Whether it has improved their posture, broken down scar tissue from a previous injury which has continued to plague them or just ridding lactic acid and tightness from the muscles they have all felt immense results.

I also deal a lot with injuries, both fresh and old, also relieving tendonitis.  You are in good hands

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