Shapewell Fitness PRIVATE Personal Training Gym

One to one Personal Training, Nutrition, Bootcamps, Pilates, Surf Fitness, Sports Massage, Injury Rehabilitation & GP Referrals

Private Gym Usage - £5 Pay As You Go

A Private Gym with a personal touch.  The usage for this PRIVATE GYM runs on a booking system.  You will book through myself to have access whilst I am there with a Personal Training Client.  So there will be just you, my client and myself in the gym at any one time.  This gives you access to a wide range of equipment without the wait for it to become available in a large gym atmosphere.  If you feel intimidated in larger gyms then this is ideal for you.


The times you can book into the gym at present is Monday to Friday 7am – 630pm (this is a new service so once membership builds we can employ someone and extend the hours to later evenings and a Saturday morning)

Private Gym - What's Inside

Functional & Core:

Jab Pads & Mits, Kick Pad

Trx & Rip 60 Suspension Systems

Core Rip Trainer with Bar

Wolverson Kettlebells 4-32kg

Club Bells 2-6kg

Fitballs, Bosu & WobbleBoard Balance Trainers

Bongaboard (like Indo Board) Core Trainer for Surfing

Soft Plyometric Jump Box

Reebok Steps

Bodyweight Pull Up & Dips Frames

Several Crossfit Resistance Bands & Rehab Bands

Medicine Balls 2-10kg

Slam Balls 5-20kg

Wall Balls 5,8kg

Battle Ropes x2

Bulgarian Bags 5kg & 10kg

Power Bags 15kg & 20kg

Tornado Balls 2kg & 5kg

Vipr Training 6kg-12kg

Parallettes for Calesthenics Training

Olympic Rings

Outdoor Training:

Outdoor Rig

Tyres x2

Battle Ropes

Speed/Power Harness

Sledge Hammers 3kg & 6kg

Farmers Walk

Speed Ladder

Weight Training & Power Lifting:

BodyMax Leg Extension/Curl Machine up to 100kg

Powertec  45 Degree Leg Press Machine

6ft & 7ft Olympic Bars

Wt Plates 1.25-25kg

Olympic Lifting Chains

4ft 8.8kg Technique Bar

6ft Multi Grip Bar

7ft Safety Squat Bar

4ft 20kg Hex Deadlift Bar

Wall Mounted Rig (squat rack, dips, pull ups, bench press, deadlifts)

Bodymax Cable Machine up to 72kg

Bodymax Dumbells 2kg-20kg

T Bar Attachment for Power Rows/Press/Landmines


Stairmaster HIITMill X Treadmill (with Prowler & Farmers Walk)

Star Trac Box Master (boxing tower)

Concept 2 Rower Model D

Concept 2 Ski-Erg

Technogym Glidex Cross Trainer

SciFit Arm Bike

VersaClimber Sport

Powersport Air Power Stepper

Tornado Air Bike


Shapewell Fitness is a Private Personal Training Gym which offers one to one Personal Training, a small Gym Membership, Nutrition, Fitness Classes & Bootcamps, Pilates, Surf Fitness & Sport Specific Programs, Sports Massage, Injury Rehabilitation & GP Referrals




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