Group PT Classes

Wednesdays 7am

4 WEEK FAT SHREDDER CLASSES – These classes are designed to ‘DROP A DRESS SIZE’ in a month based on SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING of only 6 People

Bored of the same old Fitness Classes? Not challenging enough for you? Do you feel you want more attention paid to you during training? Classes so big you’re worried of getting your technique wrong and may cause injury?

We are running 4 week courses at £40 (that’s for 4 classes at 1 class a week) More classes are due to start very soon, please get in touch for times and dates currently being organised

Our current Bespoke Classes are small based on 6 people worked as GROUP PT, cuts the cost of PT for you and ensures you get total attention and keeps you injury free. With the latest equipment you can be sure you just WONT get bored

Classes will involve Lifting Weights correctly and effectively to build beautiful muscle tone which burns the fat, functional training, HIIT, Body Weight Training, Strength Training – come and take out your stress on these classes and have great fun with some of the latest equipment


Train alongside myself, a Professional Personal Trainer and ex Physique Competitor with 28 Years Experience in the Fitness Industry, you’ll love it and YOUR BODY will love it




This Class is based on building the fitness of Surfers.  Although it is based on Surfing, you don’t have to be a Surfer to enjoy this class.  It caters for all abilities and focuses on the upper body paddle strength, core stability, speed, power, fitness, flexibility and balance

This class is also good for Swimmers.  I am also a Swimming Instructor. Knowledge is everything, so with this Class I will guide you in technique and all the above to improve your Surfing ability and get you fitter and stronger in the water



Indoor or Outdoor Weeklong Bootcamps for £175 – involves One to One hourly session every day for 5 days, FREE Nutrition Advice, Healthy Eating Plan plus a Training Plan. With this you also get a FREE Fitness Test and Body Fat Composition Test



Got an event coming up and need help in getting fit for it in time? Triathlon? 10k Run? Survival of the Fittest? Marathon?  Tough Mudder? Get in touch and do it NOW !! Don’t leave it too late.  Book with us and get your training in order

All classes are held at:

Shapewell Fitness, Unit 2 Fielding House, 43 Thornbury Close, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, CF14 1UT and cater for ALL ABILITIES

Please be sure to call or text my mobile to book your place on any of the Classes.  Payment will be made upfront to my bank account to ensure your place is booked on the class.  Please be aware that late cancellations or no shows result in loss of your session and your money will NOT be refunded

All our classes are based on Small Group Personal Training and work far better than larger classes where your technique can falter and not be spotted by the Instructor, therefore resulting in injury.  In our classes your technique and posture will be spotted to ensure you stay injury free and you will learn correct form to enable you to gain a fantastic shape and fully enjoy your fitness routine.

Pre booking ensures your place on the class and you will see results, gain knowledge and TURN UP to each session and give it your best – DROP IN – you may also text on the day to see if there is space and just turn up and pay £10 for that session, but if there is no space on the indoor classes i’m afraid you may be turned away, so we suggest to book upfront so you are not disappointed

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