Personal Training


  • We are now offering Corporate Membership to Shapewell Fitness. Could your business benefit from this monthly fitness package? Call us now to arrange a meeting to set this up. Whether it be your own business or the firm you work for, do not hesitate to call. We will sort your colleagues with an amazing deal, the more that join, the cheaper it will be on a monthly fee


  • £20 Monthly cost for Online Training or £25/35 for One to One Personal Training 
  • I will help you improve all aspects of fitness needed for paddling, power, strength, balance, speed, endurance & stamina.  Prices will be the same as standard Personal Training, or you can train with me Online for £20 per month (see Surf Fitness page for info)

One to One Personal Training

£25/30 mins

One to One Personal Training

£35/1 Hour

Home visit or other Gym

£40/1 Hour
  • From £40 I shall train you at your home or another gym (please note: this price depends on where you live, if i come to your home the price will vary as to where I have to travel), also I will have to pay rent if I take you to another gym so the price also reflects myself covering your user pass for the session if you are not a member of that gym

Block Bookings

£350/10 Sessions
  • Buy 10 One to One sessions at £350 and receive a FREE session (this deal can also be passed onto 30 min sessions plus sessions in the home or another gym, prices will vary accordingly)

Sports Massage/Injury Rehab

£25/30 MIns

Sports Massage/Injury Rehab

£40/1 Hour

Week Long Bootcamp

  • Gym or Outdoor… with this you get a FREE Fitness Test & Body Fat Composition


  • Please see Nutrition Page for information on my Nutritionist and prices

Fitness Test & Body Fat Composition


Couples & Small Group Personal Training

£45 / 60/Couple / 3 people
  • For those of you who find it expensive to train one to one, you can train with your partner, friends or colleagues as a small group, this works almost as well as one to one Personal Training.  The usual price for 1 person is £35, 2 people £45 (£22.50 each) and 3 people £60 (£20 each)

Online Personal Training

£30/50 monthly
  • Online Personal Training is charged each month by direct debit.  Online is great for those who cannot find the time to make it to the gym and wish to train at home, or if you simply cannot currently afford the cost of one to one and you will train in your gym but follow my plans. My 28 years of experience is given via the internet.
  • £50 Monthly VIP Package:
  • This package will be made to fit in with your work/life pattern.  A program will be designed for you based on what you require and you will receive online help whenever you need it to guide you through your training program to make sure you reach your goals and stick to them.
  • You will have a free consultation over the phone and you will be required to fill out a disclaimer online, then you will be added to the Facebook group designed for the online training where you will see live streaming 2-3 times a week, you will get videos of exercises to do at home or in your gym of choice.  You will also see videos of how to make certain recipes and you can ask questions on this group for me to answer and if you don’t want to ask in the group i am available on private messenger.  You get 24/7 support and advice aswell as the online fitness videos, recipes, general nutrition advice and bespoke programs, with this package you can go private for my help out of the page.
  • The monthly price basically reflects everything you need to get you where you want to be without seeing me one to one and I am based in Cardiff & Penarth, South Wales should you live locally and wish to pop in and chat anytime.  Unlike cheaper online packages where you are left to your own devices, for that little bit extra, I will look after you and make sure you reach the goals you set yourself.  I will also look at your spending, get you eating better, drinking less and save you money so the cost of online has just replaced the bad habits you should be prepared to set aside, so your pocket notices no difference, but you have shifted to a healthier lifestyle.
  • This package basically helps you in the Group and outside of the Group with Bespoke fitness programs and advice 24/7.
  • £30 Monthly Package:
  • In this package you will receive everything above without the extra private bespoke help and fitness program.  You will get all the help and advice, videos etc you need to get yourself where you want to be, but without the bespoke tailored aspect.  If however you have a medical condition or injury i suggest you choose the VIP Package to make sure you have the extra help and advice outside of the Group.
  • This package basically keeps within the Group with all the help and advice you need.
  • A Nutrition package with my Online Chef/Dietician Clare Stock (see Nutrition page) can also be added to this at an extra cost, helping you to get your diet in order to shift the fat. Clare will work online with you or can also come to your home if you live locally, teaching you how to cook and prepare your whole week to make healthy eating easier to fit in with your lifestyle.

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